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Nahid Khaki
Nahid Khaki is pleased to debut Khaki Gallery
Performance Project, a new continuing program of
performance, classes and workshops which began in
Janurary 2017  with “Dance-Away,” a collaborative
exhibition of dance performance in the newly renovated
gallery space in Boston.

By bringing dance, movement and performance to SOWA
community, and using dance and movement as tools for
promoting body awareness, self-expression and spiritual
healing, Nahid aims to initiate a process of art making
through communication and collaboration with the public.
The purpose of this project is not only to involve the
community in the process of art making but also to reject
the idea of art as a commodity which is to be consumed
by the general public rather than created or empowered
by the public.  Through dance and choreography the
participants are encouraged to have social interactions
enjoying a relational experience or relational aesthetics
while promoting individual body’s desire for freedom and

Nahid Khaki is an Iranian-born artist who has been active
as an artist for the past three decades while living in the
USA since mid 1970s.  Nahid has been has been the
director of Khaki Gallery in Wellesley since 2005 and in
Boston since 2008 and has reviewed, curated and
exhibited works by many emerging artists.  Nahid has
reviewed artist's works for Photographic Resources
Center in Boston, Griffin Museum of Photography in
Winchester, MA and Photo District News (PDN)
Photographic Review in New York. Nahid obtained her
MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in
Boston/Tufts University in May 2015.  She also received a
BA, BFA and MA from UT Austin 1982-1988. Nahid is an
avid dancer   and has practiced  yoga, and meditation
most of her adult life. She attended a ten day Vipassana
Meditation session in Shelburne Falls, MA in 2011. Nahid
received a Zumba teaching certificate in 2016 and is  
pursuing a Nia White Belt teaching certification in near
Body-Lines, exploring dance, movement and drawing with Nahid Khaki,
Wednesdays at 4pm

Portfolio Review and Edit (one-to-one) with Nahid Khaki, Wednesdays 3 pm
please make an appointment 781-572-7263 ($75/hr)
Dance classes are:
Drop-ins $15
5 classes $60