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K   H   A   K   I       G   A   L   L   E   R   Y
460 Harrison Ave.  Boston, MA 02118, 617-423-0105
9 Crest Road, Wellesley, MA 02482, 781-237-1095,
Mahima Kapoor
Modern Bollywood dance with Mahima, a trained
Bharatnatyam (Indian Classical dance) dancer from India
who will teach different genres within Bollywood
dancing.  Bollywood dancing combines the rich texture of
India's many classical folk dances, fused with elements of
jazz, hip-hop, Arabic and Latin forms.  Timing, rhythms,
energy and expressive movements are important
elements of Bollywood dancing.  Classical dance forms
suc as Bharat natyam and Kathak, and folk dances such
as Bhangra, each have their own unique styles, but they
often share signs and meanings that are combined to
create modern  Bollywood dances.  This class is all about
learning how to emote through gestures within dance
movements and expression.  You will learn technique and
choreography that incorporate rhythmic full body
movement and hand movements which act as a form of
sign language to help tell a story or demonstrate themes.  
Mondays 5 pm.  
Dance classes are:
Drop-ins $15
5 classes $60