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K   H   A   K   I       G   A   L   L   E   R   Y
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Leslie  Appleby
April - May 2016                        RED-Deemer       performance
Jan - Feb 2017                           Dance-Away      performance
Leslie Appleby has been a Nia black belt teacher and a choreographer for the past decade.
Leslie loves to dance and she loves to share Nia's holistic approach to dance fitness and
well being.  Leslie's athletic spirit encourages her students to enhance their level of
fitness, yet she compassionately teaches with joyful expression and encouragement with
the intention of nourishing self love and freedom of movement.  Join Leslie as she
continues to share her passion and the magic of Nia.

What is Nia?  
Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming
your mind.  More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each
aspect of your life - body, mind and soul. (
Nia is the art of movement of the body and blends dance, martial arts and healing arts to
attune the body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Nia is a cardio group fitness dance class that
incorporates the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. As an ongoing practice, Nia
promotes mindfulness and holistic fitness and well-being leaving you energized, mentally
clear, and emotionally balanced.”  
Dance classes are:
Drop-ins $15
5 classes $60